1/35th Scale – Canadian Staghound Mk III


1:35 scale model WWII U.S. made armour car with markings for Canadian Army. Assembly required. During the WWII, there were three main versions of the Staghound used by Britain and those allies equipped on the British model; these were: Staghound I (equipped the US 37mm gun), Staghound III (Crusader III turret with a 75mm gun) & Staghound AA. Staghound III had the whole turret removed and replaced with a slightly modified Crusader III turret with a 75mm gun. The original one-piece hatch of the turret was replaced by separate hatches for the Commander and Gunner, and the bow machine gun was not fitted, probably due to the ammunition stowage arrangement, although the ball mount was retained. It is not clear how many vehicles were thus modified, but the Bovington Tank Museum possesses clear photographs of one example, F215068, probably the initial trials vehicle.

Model: BM3521


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