Australian Light Horseman, 4th LH Brigade


Bayonets & Barbed Wire – Series 9 – This 12″ figure has over 20 points of articulation and features the authentic look of a WW1 Australian Light Horse Trooper. It features a historically accurate uniform. Released in 2004 this figure was pre-sold out at most North American retailers before reaching the continent. The set comes with Australian Tunic w/collar and shoulder badges, riding breeches, boots with leggings and spurs, leather waist belt, waist ammo pouches, ammo bandoleer, canteen with holder and harness, 1903 Haversack, Enfield Rifle w/working bolt, Enfield bayonet & frog and Australian Stetson with Emu feather. This rare figure is mint in box, box is in good condition.

Model: SS-4113


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