Figure: United States Marine Corps NCO – “Dress Blues”


Set includes: 1. U.S. Marine Corps Flag, 2. Flag staff, 3. NCO Sword – Metal, Engraved, 4. NCO Sword Scabbard, 5. White Sword Frog, 6. Flag Bearer’s Harness, 7. Dress Blues Tunic, 8. Dress White Trousers, 9. Dress Blues Trousers with Blood Stripes, 10. Enlisted Dress Blues Cover/Cap, 11. Dress Blues Belts, 12. Black Corfams (shoes), 13. White Gloves Hands, 14. Corporal E-4 Corporal Chevron Patches, 15. U.S. Marine Corps Gold on Red Service 1-Stripe, 16. Rifle Expert Badge, 17. Collar EGAs Eagle Globe Anchor set, 18. Ribbons. Produced by Cal-Tek.

Model: CAL-8013


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