Sergeant 1st Class “William” EOD Squad Leader, US Army; Operation Iraqi Freedom


Set includes – PASGT Helmet, SRS-5 Helmet, Helmet Cover (Woodland Camo), Night Version Goggles, SRS-5 Armour, Interceptor Body Armour, SRS-5 Jacket, EOD Jacket, T-Shirt, Protective Under Garment (Smock), Protective Under Garment (Trousers), SRS-5 Trousers, Protective Under Garment (Socks), Desert boots, Equipment: EOD pack Support, SRS-5 1GP, Auxiliary Battery Pack, Molle Hand Grenade Pouch, Molle Vest Large Pouch, Camel pack Hydration System, Radio Clip-on Handset, Walkie-Talkie, Watch, Box, Weapon: M4 R.I.S. Submachine Gun with Infrared Marker, Improvised Explosive Device, Insignia: Unit Tab Ranger 5D Bn., EOD Tab, U.S. Army Tab (EOD, Name Tag, Others Items: NEO 3 body, New Character Head, Men’s Hands with Half Gloves, and Clear Stand Mould. This is a previously opened set, used once for photographic purposes. Everything is included as per original.

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