Uniform: 1:6 Oberst Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg


Set includes: Realistic Head sculpt (will fit, Dragon, DID and Barrack Sgt. Body Builder figures), Removable Eye Patch, Fabric Construction Officer visor hat /w cast eagle and embroidered insignia, White Round Collar Under Shirt, White Round Collar Under Shirt, Heer Officer Field gray M36 Riding Breeches w/ Red Piping, Embroidered Herr Insignia, Embroidered Shoulder Board, Iron Cross 1st Class, Wound Badge in Gold Color, Leather Like Material Officer Boots, Leather Like Material Officer Belt in brown color, Leather Like Material PPK Pistol Holster, Die-Cast Metal PPK Pistol, Die-Cast Metal PPK Spare Magazine, and Leather Like Material German Army Brief Case. Produced for MERIT INTERNATIONAL by Toys City.

Model: MIL-QD001


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