WWI: French Rifleman, 151st Regiment d’Infanterie


French Rifleman, 151st Regiment d’Infanterie – Bayonets & Barbed Wire – Series 2 -This 12″ figure has over 20 points of articulation and features the authentic look of a WW1 French Rifleman. It comes with an historically accurate uniform. Also comes with: – Adrian helmet. Single breasted great coat, Tunic dickie, Breeches with infantry stripe, Puttees, Boots, Leather Y strap and waist belt, Cartridge boxes, Haversacks, 2-liter canteen, Bayonet frog and scabbard, M-2 gas mask and bag, Large wire cutters, 1886 Epee bayonet, and 1907 Berthier rifle. Set is mint in box.

Model: SST-41002


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