1/35 : WWII Canadian “KANGAROO” Troop Carrier


During the Africa campaign, the British Army used some Stuart light tanks, without the turrets, as armored personnel carriers or as artillery tractors. Later on,  to overcome the shortage of armored vehicles,  the Canadian General Guy Simonds ordered the field workshops to remove the howitzers  from the old M7 Priest and to convert them into infantry transport vehicles. Thanks to the positive results, a lot of old tanks were converted to become “Kangaroos”. “Kangaroo” was the nickname given to the modified vehicles able to perform the transportation of fully equipped soldiers directly close to the enemy lines. The defensive armament could vary and it depended on the availability of weapons as  .50 cal or .30 cal Browning machine guns and the Boys anti-tank rifle were added for protection. Italeri’s “Kangaroo” comes with both Canadian & British markings. Assembly and painting required. Figures not included.

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