1/35:WWII British Infantry on Patrol


1/35:WWII British Infantry on Patrol – 1/35th Scale – Small unassembled pieces molded in gray and attached to spruce trees. Weaponry includes a Lee Enfield No. 4 Mk.1, a Sten Mk. II Submachine gun, and a Bren Mk. II. Other accessories include a shovel, a pickax, a helmet, tool entrenching items, a mug, ammunition, a water bottle, a haversack, and other various carrying cases. Figures include an ammo carrier, a rifleman, a squad leader, a “second-in-command” figure, plus a machine gunner. Gun stand may be in open or closed position. Detailed facial expressions. Box illustrations provide paint scheme and general assembly assistance. Figures stand in animated and upright walking position.

Model: TAM25223


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