American Revolution: 84th Regiment Officer, Royal Highland Emigrants, 1777


Based on Don Troniani’s Art of War prints. In 1777, American forces burned Fort Frederick at Saint John, Nova Scotia to the ground. In response, Major John Small personally led the 84th Regiment against the Americans on 30 June 1777 who promptly retreated to the forest. When the 84th marched through the woods they were ambushed. However, they only lost one man to 12 American attackers. Weeks later American privateers again assailed Saint John and were repulsed by the 84th. In August 1777, the Americans attacked yet again and were successful, carrying off 21 boatloads of plunder. The 84th began to build Fort Howe to replace the destroyed Fort Frederick. The new bastion became instrumental in curtailing privateer action and was used as an assembly point for attacks on the 13 Colonies.

Model: WB16115


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