Battle on Snowshoes: Two British Officers


Battle on Snowshoes: Two British Officers: Captain Henry Pringle and Ensign Andrew Ross (2 pcs) – Captain Henry Pringle was one of two volunteer officers from the 27th Regiment of foot, who accompanied the Rangers on the snowshoes scout. He was to survive the battle and his journals provide a vivid account of his retreat and capture. In the general confusion of the retreat Captain Pringle was left behind, he managed to avoid capture but became lost for six days in the wilderness, before surrendering to the French at Fort Carillon. Pringle was later to reach the rank of Major-General in the British army. Ensign Andrew Ross, was a Scottish volunteer from the 42nd Black Watch Regiment. He had been recommended to Rogers in January 10th 1758 for the rank of Ensign in a new company of Rangers, which was commanded by William Stark. During the march northwards, it was reported that Ross led a flank guard covering the west flank of the main party. He was to die during the battle on Snowshoes.



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