Figure: Royal Military College of Canada, Officer Cadet


This figure limited to 750 production was made for the GCAFC 2006 held in Kingston, Ont. The figure comes dressed in the ceremonial red scarlets of a first year Officer Cadet. The uniform consists of a dress scarlet jacket with academic achievement badges, dress navy trousers w/red piping, leather ankle boots with Vibrom soles, leather gaiters, leather belt with metal RMC buckle, leather bayonet frog, metal C7 (Cdn version of Colt M-16) rifle, metal bayonet w/metal scabbard. Extra feature is a 4th year senior cadet’s #4s patrol jacket with academic and sports badges, plus belt. Box features RMC landmarks and description of the College in both English and French.

Model: SJDP-RMC01


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