GIJOE Snow Trooper


Here’s a real find. This hard to come by set comes with Fair Condition Vintage G.I. Joe. Figure has stress fractures at both knees, one finger is missing off of his left hand and figure has been re-strung. Still, with a uniform on you can’t see any of this minor damage. Comes with Snow Troops hooded jacket with original “Bear crest” and trousers. Black short boots, snow shoes (straps repaired), 2 grenades, white M1 Garand rifle (made in Hong Kong stamp), ice pick (tip damaged), white gloves, white back pack, white web belt with two ammo pouches, green snow goggles, Fair Condition Snow trooper helmet with original crest. This set is really nice and a great addition to any collection.  Reduced from original $305 C price.

Model: HASV-00009


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