Jacobite Rebellion: Regiment Royal Ecossois, Officer with flag


Regiment Royal Ecossois, Officer with Regimental Colours   (2pcs)- The Royal Ecossois was raised by John Drummond in 1744 and disbanded 1763. Their organisation was to be based on that of the Irish regiments, to be made up of 11 companies of fusiliers and 1 of grenadiers each of 50 men plus officers for a total of 660 effectives. The officers and men used to form the regiment came from several different sources, firstly from Scotsmen serving in the Irish regiments, Scottish exiles living in France together with recruits smuggled out of Scotland. With an effective of 500 men and officers assembled at St.Omer, with John Lord Drummond as lieutenant colonel, (as for all Royal Regiments, the King of France was always the colonel ) although Lord Drummond wrote on the 29th December 1744 that he was missing only 10 men to complete the regiment.

Model: JJD-EEC02


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