The 7th Regiment of Foot (Royal Fusiliers) Marching (4 pcs)


In April 1780, the Royal Fusiliers took part in the capture of Charleston. Once Charleston fell, the regiment helped garrison the city. Three companies were sent to Ninety-Six to assist with the training of Loyalist militia companies. An 80 man detachment was also sent to Camden, South Carolina to help build that town’s defences. The detachments were recalled to Charleston for refitting in late August 1780.
The 7th, mounted on horses, along with the two regiments of Loyalist militia, cleared the region north of Georgetown, South Carolina of partisans while en route. The Royal Fusiliers turned the horses over to Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton’s British Legion upon uniting with Cornwallis in late September and then served as the Army’s rearguard.

Between October 1780 and early 1781, the regiment, having lost about one third of its officers and men to sickness and disease, protected the communication and supply lines between Camden and Winnsboro, South Carolina. On 7th January, 1781, a contingent of 171 men from the Royal Fusiliers was detached from Cornwallis’s Army and fought under the command of Tarleton at the Battle of Cowpens in January 1781. The Royal Fusiliers were on the left of the line of battle: Tarleton was defeated and the regiment’s colours were once again captured, and stored in the baggage wagons.

4 piece set painted in matte finish. 

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