WWII Luftwaffe: German HE162 Jet Fighter with Pilots


Heinkel Salamander: The HE162 was a last ditch effort to produce a cheap jet fighter that could tackle the mass of Allied aircraft darkening the Reich’s sky’s in the latter part of WW2. Supposedly relatively simple to fly and cheap to produce, these early jet fighters could be lethal death traps in the hands of an inexperienced pilot. Thousands were in the process of being assembled when the Allies overran the production facilities for these new wonder weapons. Our fantastic looking aircraft is in the markings of Erich Demuth and features his 16 kill markings on the tail fin, all gained whilst flying other aircraft. Demuth was based at Leck in 1945 when this aircraft was captured intact by the British. This model comes complete with 2 pilot figures, 1 being Demuth. The HE162 saw limited combat experience towards the end of WW2, but nevertheless was an important contributor towards the development of jet fighter aircraft. Limited to 100 in number and priced at $240.00 it will be a fantastic addition for any WW2 aircraft collector.

Model: TG-LUFTO11


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