WWII RAF: Flight Lieutenant David Lord: VC


This set features Flight Lieutenant David Lord VC relaxing in a wicker chair with cricket bat and cat accessories! Lord was born in Ireland where his father was serving with the Royal Welsh Fusiliers. He enlisted in the RAF in 1936 and in 1939 was accepted for pilot training, upon completion of training he was posted to India and the Middle East flying transport aircraft. In 1944 Lord was posted back to the UK to undertake further training in the dropping of paratroops and supplies during airborne operations. It was during the Market Garden operation at Arnhem that Lord was awarded a Victoria Cross albeit posthumously, when despite the Dakota aircraft he was flying being on fire, he returned to complete another circuit drop as two of his supply containers were still attached to the underwing of the aircraft. Lord knew that his aircraft’s condition was in a perilous state and as soon as the containers were jettisoned he ordered his crew to bail out, unfortunately it was too late and the plane plunged to the ground, only 1 crew member survived to relay the story in 1945 after being released from a POW camp. Lord was awarded the VC for his selfless action and is now buried in Arnhem Cemetery along with his other crew members. The complete set is limited to 80 in the B Tropical version.

Model: TG-RAF001


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