Zulu Series: “We Must Hold The Wall!” – Lieutenant Gonville Bromhead


After a British defeat at the day-long Battle of Isandlwana, 22 January 1879, the attack on the Mission Station at Rorke’s Drift began that afternoon. Of the handful of junior officers at the Drift, only lieutenants John Chard and Gonville Bromhead were qualified for a front-line command. Bromhead had more combat experience and was senior by three years of service. Throughout the battle both Chard and Bromhead were aware of the need to be conspicuous to encourage their men, despite the obvious risks. When a series of Zulu attacks drove the defenders back from the barricades in front of the hospital, Bromhead gathered a flying column and made a bayonet charge driving the Zulus out. Chard and Bromhead were among the 11 members of the garrison to be awarded the Victoria Cross.

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